Transcend Participates in Embedded World 2023


Nuremberg, Germany - Transcend Information Inc, a leading provider of memory products, will showcase its latest offerings at Embedded World 2023, a premier international trade show for the embedded systems industry. The event will take place from March 14 to March 16, 2023 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Booth 1-639.

Transcend will showcase its cutting-edge memory solutions for embedded applications, along with their integration into end devices. The highlight of the event will be the presentation of Transcend's application solutions for digital entertainment, healthcare, industrial customization, cloud computing, and automation, along with relevant deployment products.

Get in Touch: Customization options and multiple use cases

Transcend is committed to providing customized solutions to its customers and will showcase its extensive range of custom services, including optimized firmware solutions and customized products with specialized features. The company's international team will demonstrate how Transcend caters to individual customer needs in the digital entertainment sector. Attendees will also get to see how Transcend's SSD storage solutions enhance the control units of robotics applications.

Live Demo: Control Center – secure and intelligent management in the IoT age

The IoT landscape presents three main challenges, including device management at scale, operational instability, and information flow prioritization between the core system and endpoints. Transcend's Control Center provides agile data management in the cloud and on local networks, reducing potential latency issues and optimally balancing network load for exceptional security and mobility. Attendees can experience the features firsthand at the Transcend booth.

Static Demo: Conformal Coating

Transcend will also showcase its optional conformal coating service, which protects industrial flash and DRAM products from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, corrosion, and chemical substances. The company's corner bond process for selected embedded products enhances module reliability under mechanical stress.

About Embedded World

Embedded World 2023 is the premier trade show for the embedded systems industry and brings together experts from across the embedded systems value chain. The event will feature two conferences where international experts will discuss the future of the industry, making Embedded World 2023 a must-attend event for embedded systems experts.

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